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Members and Donors 2024

Our most heartfelt thanks to the members and donors that enable us to continue our work, preserving the history of the Town of Ross and the memory of José Moya del Pino through our research library, educational programs, and exhibitions.


Joseph Barton

Tom & Barbara Gaffney

Patrick Hunt

Roseanna & Wallace Lourdeaux

Christina & Richard Thalheimer

Don & Donna Kelleher

Tracy & Richard Torney


Ruth Barton

Ann Peckenpaugh Becker

Paul & Ann Brenner

Moira Burke

Pat & Jay Cahill

Barbara Call

Anne & Tony Campodonico

Paola Coda Nunziante

Jeff & Celest Craemer

Dudley & Michael Delbalso

Diane Doodha

Margie Ellis

Chris & Bob Feibusch

Kara & Joshua Fisher

Marian R. Goepp

Charlotte & Jeremy Levin

Theani Louskos

Betsy & Ed McDermott

B&J McLellan

Julie McMillan

Ink Mendelsohn

Cynthia Weldon O'Hara

Thomas Ross Perry

Marilyn & Rick Riede

Dan Rosenthal

Diane Rudden

Harold Sherley

Jackie & Craig Thomas

Nancy Wolcott

Cynthia Wollam


Bob Anderson

Keven Buckholtz & Ruth Kruger

Judith Coy

Bill & Sarah Devlin

Ken & Thana Fineman

Margie & David Guggenhime

Corinne Hedrick

Anne & Bob Hickey

Janey & Beach Kuhl

Kate Lord

Cindy & Sam Livermore

Preston & Takako Maginis

Doug & Michael Moore

Gary Nilsen

Peter Pike

Donald Saunders

Sue & Bill Talmage

Tilda Thompson

Patty Treadwell

David & Kathryn Werdergar

Thank you!

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